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Viral Music Marketing and Promotion Download

The idea of this lesson is to create something really cool that you can give away to people for free, then approach other websites and influencers who have the ear of your potential fans to distribute it.

The great thing about this process is that you don’t even need a website or any money to get started because we are going to be using some wicked free tools to set this up.

The incentive for the sites you work with is to be able to offer their readers a really special and unique product for nothing.

With a bit of luck (and some help from you) they will send it out to their mailing lists, post a link on their social media pages and do all manner of other things to spread your freebie around.

At the end of this lesson you’ll be able to send a pitch email like this…

“Hey I’d like to set up a special promotion to offer 200 of your readers a free copy of my latest album package (usually it goes for $25)… is that cool?”

…pretty tempting right!

But that’s not even the best bit…

… because all those new hits will go over to Facebook where you will ask people to “Like” your page in return for the freebie.

You can now keep on entertaining them long into the future and posting the odd link to something they can buy.

Download now to get started…

By Chris Rockett

Download from Itunes

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