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Vertical Regulation Download

In his introductory book on piano technology, Jim Busby reveals secrets learned from his 30 plus years in the business. Presented in a way that only ebooks can deliver, Jim includes over 600 Mb of clear video, along with detailed written instruction, tips, sage advice, and pictures to show what would usually take months for new technicians to see in the field. His passion for teaching and his love of piano work is manifest in every video. While this ebook focuses mainly on vertical pianos, there is a wealth of information that even experienced piano technicians can use in day to day work.

With a degree in education and many years experience as a secondary education music teacher, Jim has the skills needed to teach the subject in an easy to learn manner.  His expertise with pianos have made him a top concert hall technician and a popular instructor at national and regional Piano Technician Guild events. With high level training from Yamaha, Steinway, Kawai, and others, Jim synthesizes all these methods into his own unique approach that gives the reader the “best of the best” in piano technology methods

By Jim Busby

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