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Three-Note Voicings and Beyond Download

Randy Vincent’s second Sher Music Co. book covers every aspect of the crucial three-note voicings every guitarist needs to know. It has received glowing endorsements from Pat Metheny, Jim Hall, Mike Stern, Ben Monder, Vic Juris, Gene Bertoncinni, Julian Lage, etc. Three-Note Voicings and Beyond is for everyone from intermediate newcomers to jazz guitar to very advanced players. The book develops a unique dynamic concept of harmony where three independently moving lines team up to create beautiful harmonies that are valuable for comping, chord melodies and chordal jazz improvisations. Topics include:
Three-note shell voicings and special derived comp voicings
Compete triad review including all close and open inversions on all strings
A section on developing walking guitar voicings, harmonized bass lines perfect for accompaniments in situations where no bass or keyboard is present
Sections on triad applications such as slash chords, upper structures, hexatonic triad-pairs and special hybrid voicings
Quartal and secundal voicings perfect for modal comping and soloing
Drop-2 reductions perfect for melody harmonizations
A complete method to develop a realistic simulation of Shearing-style block-chord voicings on guitar.
Plus much more!

By Randy Vincent

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