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The London Project Download

The London Project is a collection of stories, images and videos that reflect the World’s greatest city during a momentous year in its history.

It looks back at key moments from the city’s past, takes the pulse of the city as it is now and make a few predictions about its future.

It is designed to be read as a book with maps, videos and images acting as footnotes.

It is edited by Ashley Norris and features high profile London bloggers Laura Scott (The Locals), Rob Baker (Another Nickel), Dan Calladine (Pop Up London), Sean Hannam (Say it with garage flowers), Paul Sorene (Anorak, Who Ate All The Pies) and several others.

Stories include

The tale of the City’s most iconic 20th century image
The capital’s disappearing villages
The London venues that shaped the history of music
The hidden history of the Thames Estuary
Dalston’s Street Preachers
London’s lost sports venues
The curse of North London artist Stuart Free
How the Hippies took Mayfair
Pop-Up London – what’s behind the trend

By Ashley Norris, Rob Baker, Laura Scott & Rob Pepper

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