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The Cat on Strat Guitar Method Download

Cat On Strat Guitar Method

Playing guitar involves 6 basic fundamentals: 1) Getting started (learning names and definitions) 2) Scales (playing single notes) 3) Chords (playing multiple notes) 4) Techniques (complex methods to enhance performance) 5) Reading music (how to read the “code” of music) 6) Writing music (how to write the “code” of music). By dividing guitar theory this way the student can digest more clearly the scope of all that they need to learn. This book is designed to clear up the confusion of guitar theory and remove any boring aspects, all the while giving insightful knowledge of music and the technique of playing guitar. When finished the guitarist should have all the knowledge needed to develop their own style, jam with other musicians while knowing exactly what is going on theoretically, and be able to compose complex music in rock, blues, jazz, pop, folk and heavy metal. Easy concise exercises help the student develop the skills to execute the licks and passages needed to express oneself.

This instruction guide will start with the basics: buying equipment, knowing the instrument parts, how to tune the guitar, how to read guitar tablature and standard notation, finding all the notes on the guitar, and understanding scale and chord charts. Next is an in-depth look at scales and their origins with dozens of easy to read scale charts and complete sets of each scale studied. Third is a deep understanding of chords, consisting in a study of how both simple and complex chords are built. Following the study of chords is a comprehensive chord dictionary with hundreds of easy to read chords. Fourth is technique, with a listing of all the fundamentals as well as advanced techniques that are used in more complex modern music. Study includes: double stops, scale patterns, arpeggios, finger tapping and so much more. This section will clear up your confusion and break down the techniques that are to used in your favorite pop, rock and heavy metal songs.

In the end you will find here a user friendly, all inclusive method on playing the guitar. I have had much success with this approach over the years with all my students both young and old. Now is your chance to learn guitar the right way, easy, complete and frustration free.

By David Moses

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