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Teach Yourself to Play Ukulele, Standard Tuning Edition (Intro) Download

Learn to play the ukulele and open up a brand-new world of musical knowledge with this exciting method from Alfred. Teach Yourself To Play Ukulele Volume 1 starts you off with all the fundamentals. Learn about the history of the ukulele, its components, how to hold and tune it in C tuning, and get acquainted with standard music notation. Then move right along to playing notes, chords, and scales—all while you play a variety of well-known songs and increase your knowledge of reading and understanding music notation.

The embedded video, hosted by performer and educator Julia Jordan, provides live performances that demonstrate how the music should sound, covering every song and lesson in the volume.

Be your own teacher, and let Alfred be your resource every step of the way!

By Morton Manus & Ron Manus

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