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Study The Hits Download

Get your hands on the latest songwriting tools and techniques straight from today’s biggest hit songs. Read about a technique, listen to hit songs that use it, then try these cutting-edge songwriting tools in your own songs. 

You’ll find Songwriting Shortcuts that take you inside today’s hottest markets and latest song craft skills:
• 6 Hit Songwriting Shortcuts • 6 Lyric Shortcuts 
• 6 Film & TV Songwriting Shortcuts • 5 Music Shortcuts 
• 7 “Ears-On” Kickstarter Shortcuts show you how to study any hit song and learn from it.

PLUS “Ears-On” song guides to 21 of today’s top hits. We’ll explore…
 • 5 Pop and Pop/Rock Hits • 6 Contemporary Country Hits
 • 5 Singer-Songwriter Hits • 5 Folk & Folk/Rock Hits
… to see what makes each one so successful. 

You’ll find “Try It Now” exercises in every Shortcut and Song Guide so you’ll hear and apply contemporary hit songwriting techniques right away. 

NOTE: This eBook contains active links to online videos and lyrics. An Internet connection and audio output are recommended.

By Robin Frederick

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