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Sight-Reading Download

So what is sight-reading? Sight-reading is the ability to take a piece of music for the very first time and play it through as if you knew it your whole life. So when do you master Sight-Reading? Being a good reader is only half way there, you master Sight-reading when you are able to read anything in any given key, with any metric modulation, in any Clef, when you are able to transpose the notated music on the spot, following conductor cues performing dynamics, articulations and styles flawlessly.
The ability to sight-read is crucial but not only in the working field. Can you imagine how your ability to grow as a musician will be expanded? Youll be able to pick-up any book and sight read whatever is written: Examples, Transcribed solos Anything. Finally! You will go forward from wasting hours figuring out those parts instantly!
In this edition I share with you all the information that I put together all these years of sight-reading new shows every day, and the key points to finally achieve that skill that has been troubling your sleep for so long.

By Pablo S. Della Bella

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