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Reading Music for Guitar Vol. 2 Download

Here’s what one student said about Stefan’s Guitar Method:

I must say that I loved it so much. Not only the way you make me understand but the way you make those practice so clear and easy to follow.….I just want to take this opportunity to say “Thank you very much, sir, for helping me with my hobby”. 

Now that you know the basics here’s what next.  You will learn new rhythms, time signatures scales and open chords.  In addition you will also learn the following pieces: Scarborough Fair, Blues in E, Study in A Minor by Dionisio Aguado and you will start on the journey of improvisation with House of the Rising Sun. This lesson includes the backing tracks and everything you need to get started.
Over 30 videos and more then 10 audio files make this book an easy to follow and to understand multi media tool.

By Stefan Schyga

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