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Read Music for Piano Download

Read Music for Piano is designed for sight reading in early age. Each lesson is crafted to take advantage of the multimedia capabilities, and follow the story line of Musopia, a fantasy world full of music and imaginative characters who interact with musical tones and rhythm. 
’Learn Pitch with the Musopia Fairy Notes’ accompany with ‘Searching for Music Key’ focus on developing inborn music attribute, especially effective with toddlers.  Through multi-sensory experiences of sight and sound, your child will learn seven solfeggio singing syllables and their corresponding keys with the seven fair notes. Fun and engaging drills complete the experience and help solidify the young child new learnings. 
Each lesson stands for its own reward and the step stone with the Musopia other products. You will find Bobby, Magin, Donny, Dodo Bird, Dodo Dog, Dodo Bear and Dodo Dinosaur and other Musopia friends and playmates too. Have a great Edutaiment time!

By Susan Yuan

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