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Practicing Jazz Improvisation Download

“Practicing Jazz Improvisation” , for intermediate to advanced players, is a one of a kind multi-media resource that tackles the most difficult aspect of becoming a great improvisor: How to truly practice effectively, and expand and personalize your own harmonic, melodic, and rhythmic concepts as an improviser.  Written by award-winning jazz pianist and composer Martin Bejerano, head of the Jazz Piano Dept. at the Frost School of Music, University of Miami.

With nearly 50 audio examples – including play-along tracks and audio of the author playing the example – full charts and arrangements, and a simple, hands-on interface that includes pop-up icons with suggested listening, practice tips, glossary terms, and expanded information, this ebook covers a wide variety of innovative and effective practice techniques and habits.  

Topics explored in depth include:

• Advanced harmonic concepts including functional and non-functional chord substitution, ii-V subs, upper structure triads, and more
• Melodic and motivic development, expanding your melodic vocabulary, and incorporating bebop approaches in modern playing
• Advanced rhythmic concepts including rhythmic phrasing, expanding your rhythmic vocabulary, and using accents and note groupings, 
• Specific approaches to most effectively practice, internalize, and eventually personalize the material

By Martin Bejerano

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