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Learn Violin Download

Have you or your kids always wanted to learn violin, but don’t have the money or time for a private tutor? Try Learn Violin, which will take you from your first tuning to your first few songs in as few as 30 days.
With this book, you’ll be able to:
• Learn violin on-the-go and on your own time.
• Jump-start your learning with step-by-step video lessons and accompanying text.
• Skip frequent trips to the music store: Learn how to restring and take care of your instrument.
• See your kids excited about learning their first instrument with our interactive quizzes and exercises.
• Enjoy learning from our host, Paul Dateh, who has an audience of millions on Youtube, where he became known as the “hip-hop violinist.” His dynamic approach will keep you entertained as you learn.
• Learn major scales and songs with ease.
• Find out how to take care of your instrument so it lasts twice as long.
• Get tips on how to get the best tone of your instrument.
• Make practice even more productive with tips to correct bad habits.
• Navigate through the book with ease with our sleek design.
• See basic music theory made easy and interesting.
• Get tricks to remember the basic fingerings.
• Use our exercises to get the best use out of your metronome.
• Find out which violin accessories are necessities — and which are a waste of money.


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