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Learn How to Play the Didgeridoo Download

Didgeridoo Dojo is the place to learn how to play the didgeridoo. This book contains some of our beginner sessions teaching you the basics of didgeridoo playing.

The book is perfect for introducing beginners and players new to the didgeridoo to get started.

In this book you’ll get:
-over 20 high definition videos that step you through the basics of playing the didgeridoo
-comprehensive instructions including how to make the drone sound and how to warm up before playing

-our complete, easy to follow 5-step approach to circular breathing on the didgeridoo.

Not sure if this is for you? Then head over to and learn more.

Table of Contents:
Meet Sanshi
Before we Start – Preparing to Play
Warming Up
The Drone
About the Drone
Vibrating your Lips
Playing the Drone & Making the Didgeridoo Sound
Sharper Drone – Mona Lisa Smile
Sharper Drone – Mouthpiece Position
The 15 Second Challenge
Circular Breathing
Circular Breathing Step 1 of 5
Circular Breathing Step 2 of 5
Circular Breathing Step 3 of 5
Circular Breathing Step 4 of 5
Circular Breathing Step 5 of 5
Perfecting Circular Breathing
Adding your Voice
Dingo Howl
Dog Bark
Playing Louder & Quieter
Diaphragm Pulses
Didgeridoo Rhythms
Introduction to Rhythms
Rhythm 1
Rhythm 2
Rhythm 3
Well Done!
Bonus Lessons
One Thing at a Time
Your First Didgeridoo Performance
Intermediate Lesson – Gargling Vocal
Advanced Lesson – Playing with Eggshakers

By Didgeridoo Dojo

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