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Latin Improvisation in D Minor Download

The Improvisation in D Minor is one of the Improvisation lessons featured in my book: Guitar Improvisation.
This video lesson will teach you how to play the lead step by step.  It will also give you the scales and scale patterns to create your own lead.
Each lick is explained and written out.  So play with it and steal some ideas.
Practice the scales slowly until you get them without having to think.  You can use a pick or play finger style.
Step by step you will learn:
1. The Rhythm Guitar  
2. The Scales and Scale Patterns
3. Each Musical Phrase at practice tempo
4.  The Complete Lead, written out and with backing tracks included.  Now, you still have to practice, but if you have wanted to learn how to improvise, here it is.

By Stefan Schyga

Download from Itunes

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