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Interactive Listening: A New Approach to Music Download

(Global Edition is identical to the Digital Edition, sold in other countries) From cavemen to Beethoven to Coldplay, explore music in an interactive experience. Interactive Listening is a multimedia expedition through the history, science, and diverse languages of music. Every page uses audio, video, 3D instruments, tablet drawing exercises, or instant listening tests to actively engage learners. With over 120 built in music examples, listen to Tibetan monks, a Dixieland parade, or a Dubstep DJ while you cross 35,000 years of music with sounds from every continent and each chair in the orchestra. 
Why has music been written in caves, ships, and cathedrals in every corner of the human odyssey? Interactive Listening was designed by two music professors to test your ears, eyes, and mind, in an experiential search for the truth about what music really is. 
Listen like Beethoven. Question like Miles. Learn like the Beatles. Hear yourself.

By Pete Carney & Brian Felix

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