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Innerviews: Music Without Borders Download

Twenty-four of the world’s most renowned musicians share incredibly candid, in-depth thoughts on the joy and pain of the creative process, their careers and aspirations, conflicts and collaborations, and the realities of today’s music business in Innerviews: Music Without Borders, the first book by acclaimed music journalist Anil Prasad.

Artists featured in the book include some of the greatest names in rock, jazz, world music, hip-hop, and electronica: Jon Anderson, Bjork, Bill Bruford, Martin Carthy, Stanley Clarke, Chuck D, Ani DiFranco, Bela Fleck, Michael Hedges, Jonas Hellborg, Zakir Hussain, Leo Kottke, Bill Laswell, John McLaughlin, Noa, David Sylvian, Tangerine Dream, David Torn, Ralph Towner, McCoy Tyner, Eberhard Weber, Chris Whitley, Victor Wooten, and Joe Zawinul. Wooten contributes a foreword to the book. Some of the evocative topics explored include:

– Bjork on the chaos of her creative process
– Stanley Clarke on saying no to Miles Davis
– Chuck D on whats wrong with hip-hop today
– Ani DiFranco on propelling democracy through music
– Bela Fleck on journeying to Africa to discover the roots of the banjo
– Bill Laswell on the drama of producing difficult artists
– John McLaughlin on turning the tables on the jazz police
– McCoy Tyner on the deification of John Coltrane
– Tangerine Dream on electronica transcending technology
– Joe Zawinul on inventing the original hip-hop beat

Prasad established Innerviews, the Internet’s first and longest-running music magazine, in 1994. He is celebrated for his special ability to get his subjects to confide and reflect in ways they rarely do with other interviewers.

By Anil Prasad

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