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Hero Worship (Music City Moguls #6) Download

There was only one thing Natasha Kerr guarded as fiercely as her heart and that was her eleven year-old son’s. She wasn’t cynical, she was just practical. At least that’s what she told herself, but when her son begged her to introduce him to her friend and co-worker, country superstar Clint Davis, she didn’t see the harm. Clint was one of the good guys.
Clint had been interested in Natasha ever since she came to work at Titan Records years ago, but he knew all about her history with men. She didn’t want a rambling man, and she certainly didn’t want a music man, but that didn’t keep this music man from wanting her.When Clint met her son, it sealed the deal for him. He was ready to settle down and he’d found a ready-made family he loved with Natasha and Austin, but could he guarantee her life with him would be a smooth ride?

By Cheryl Douglas

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