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Help! I Am an Elementary Music Teacher with One or More iPads! Download

This ebook is a continuation in a “Help!” series that I am currently publishing by way of electronically. The first in the series is titled “Help! I am an Elementary Music Teacher with a SMART Board!” and it provides elementary music educators with information about how to create Notebook files and it also provides music educators with many lessons and ready-made files to use immediately in their classrooms. This second ebook is a resource book that provides elementary music educators with lessons and resources about numerous apps for classrooms with one iPad, a few iPads, or 1:1 iPad music classroom. 

This ebook is divided into chapters that include setting up the iPad, ideas for teaching with one or more iPads, lesson plans that can be implemented into an elementary general music curriculum, lists of a variety of apps, and resources. Elementary music educators could read this ebook from the front page to the last page or could just skim to the chapters that they need at that moment in time. Throughout the chapters, they will also find videos of the apps and how to use them in the lessons. The purpose of this ebook is to assist all elementary music educators with information, ideas, and lessons for using iPad(s) in the classroom; no matter what their teaching situation is and/or how many iPads they have access to in their classrooms.

By Amy M. Burns

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