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Guitar Lessons – Guitar Chords for Beginners Download

Teach yourself how to play guitar chords with easy-to-follow lessons, carefully designed for the BEGINNER GUITARIST!

“A great chord book… I bought this book when I started learning guitar… I look at this book almost every day… It has essentially become my bible for guitar playing. 5/5 STARS!” – Tinpanalley “yonderwall” [Amazon], Chicago IL

“One of the best chord books on the market… Highly recommended. 5/5 STARS!” – Loren S. Fiedler, Los Angeles CA

“Best chord book I’ve found… The Progressive guitar instruction series is excellent… It’s far better, and more comprehensive, than any other chord book I’ve seen.” – William Ray [Amazon], USA

NEW! Teach yourself guitar chords, TODAY! Learn to play like the world’s BEST GUITARIST with our AWARD WINNING eBooks. Suitable for BEGINNERS of all ages and for all types of guitars. This eBook contains ALL YOU NEED to know to become a GREAT GUITARIST – in one easy-to-follow, LESSON-by-LESSON book! You do not need any prior knowledge of music or guitar to teach yourself from this eBook.

Teach yourself:
” Every IMPORTANT guitar chord shape and chord formula for playing like a PRO
” OPEN, BAR and JAZZ guitar chords for thousands of well-known songs!
” How to read ALL guitar sheet music and chord symbols to play in a BAND
” Classic POP, ROCK, BLUES, FUNK and COUNTRY guitar progressions used by pro guitarists
” Tricks, tips and short-cuts to get the most from practice sessions and LEARN FASTER

With this eBook, you will learn everything a BEGINNER needs to know about GUITAR CHORDS!

Features include:
” HUNDREDS of guitar chords
” ALL IMPORTANT chord formulas
” 30+ examples, and all notes on the guitar fretboard
” Easy-to-read guitar music and chord diagrams in FULL COLOR throughout
” Suitable for all types of guitar including electric guitar, steel string acoustic guitar and nylon string classical guitar

Guitar lessons have never been this EASY for anyone who wants to LEARN TO PLAY GUITAR, FAST!

LearnToPlayMusic’s guitar lesson plans are used by students and teachers in more than 20 countries worldwide. For over 30 years, our team of professional authors, composers and musicians have crafted music lesson books that are a cut above the rest. We offer a huge selection of instructional books that cover many different instruments and styles that have sold millions of publications in print, eBook and app formats. Recently awarded the ‘Quality Excellence & Design Seal of Approval’ for eBook innovation, LearnToPlayMusic continues to set the standard in top quality music education resources.


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