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Forty Bedtime Stories (Fully Illustrated) Download

This collection of bedtime stories is specifically designed for both parents and children, with forty lively tales! These are short, written in an appealing style and are in turn, exciting, amusing, whimsical and involving; there are tales to suit every taste. In addition, all forty tales are richly illustrated. This volume promises to be a veritable treasure trove of stories for bedtime, long car journeys or even just rainy afternoons!<br>
The collection includes the following titles:<br>
1) The Scarecrow<br>
2) Tim’s Train<br>
3) The Great War<br>
4) Hidden Treasures<br>
5) Mr. Frog<br>
6) Ice Cream for Refreshment<br>
7) The Snowman and the Hare<br>
8) Mr. Nightingale’s Music School<br>
9) Night Encounter<br>
10) The Favorite Tasks of Lou Trumpet<br>
…and 30 more.<br>
Also available in Audiobook: <br>

By Agnes Rahoza, Arthur Friday & Jaroslaw Zukowski

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