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Fender: Building a Legend Download

Take a fascinating inside look at the creation of Fender’s most popular and acclaimed instruments and amplifiers, such as the Telecaster, Precision Bass, Stratocaster and Jazz Bass guitars, plus the Bassman and Twin Reverb amps.

Fender: Building a Legend takes you behind the scenes with video, interactive photo galleries and more to show you how the sound and the magic begin inside Fender’s main U.S. manufacturing facility. Meet the acclaimed craftsmen of the Fender Custom Shop and get a rare glimpse into the inner workings of the “Dream Factory.” Step inside the Fender Visitor Center in Corona, Calif.—a veritable Fender museum where you can design your own guitar, embark on the Fender Factory Tour, and experience an enthralling world of Fender historical memorabilia, artful displays and instruments both old and new. A must for the avid Fender fan and player.

By Fender Musical Instruments, Corp.

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