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Electronic Music and Sound Design Download

Digital Audio and Sampled Sounds: decimation, blocks technique, slicing, scrubbing, timing and polyphony – Delay Lines: echoes, looping, flanger, chorus, comb and allpass filters, phaser, pitch shifting, reverse, variable delay, Karplus-Strong algorithm – Creative Uses of Dynamics Processors: envelope followers, compressors, limiters, live normalizers, expanders, gates, side chains, ducking – The Art of Organizing Sound: simple, complex and compound motion processes, motion within timbre, algorithmic control of motion, motion sequences – MIDI and Handling MIDI Messages in Max – Max for Live: audio effects, virtual instruments, MIDI effects, Live API and Live Object Model.

“With their Electronic Music and Sound Design: Theory and Practice with Max/MSP (…) Alessandro Cipriani and Maurizio Giri have produced a series of “interactive and enhanced books” that present the student of computer music with the finest and most comprehensive electroacoustic curriculum in the world. By “illustrating” the text with a wealth of figures and clearly explained equations, they take the reader “under the hood” and reveal the algorithms that make our computing machines “sing”. By using David Zicarelli’s incredibly powerful and intuitive media-toolkit – Max/MSP to create hundreds of synthesis, signal processing, algorithmic composition, interactive performance, and audio analysis software examples, Cipriani and Giri have provided the means for students to learn by hearing, by touching, by modifying, by designing, by creating, and by composing. (…) I firmly believe that this series by Cipriani and Giri, these “interactive and enhanced books”, (…) set the stage for the next generation of innovators. (…)In Electronic Music and Sound Design, Cipriani and Giri feed the hands, they feed the ears, and they feed the minds of the students in ways and to a degree that no computer music textbook has ever done.”
From the Foreword by Richard Boulanger

By Alessandro Cipriani & Maurizio Giri

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