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Drumatrix Download

Drumatrix – A System for Linear Drumming Creativity.


A 15 Level course for the beginner to advanced drum kit student. 

Each Example has a link to an accompanying video (Over 140 videos).

Endorsement by Gary Chaffee, a forefather of drum education.

“Kelvin Sugars has made a major contribution to this area (linear drumming) with his new book entitled Drumatrix…… I think many students will find this material to be not only fun and interesting to work on but very rewarding as well…..His ideas are well worth the time and effort necessary to master them……So pick up those sticks and start digging in. I think you’re going to like what you find.” GARY CHAFFEE

This is a must have book for the serious and developing musician.

What is Drumatrix?
It’s your journey to musical freedom.

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By Kelvin Sugars

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