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Creating Music Download

This eBook has been made to inspire students to think outside the box by creating music through the different strengths that they have; visual, natural, logical, verbal, kinesthetic, self reflective and interpersonal.   In the rhythm chapter I use many examples from the show Stomp, where everyday rhythmic sounds are used to inspire and create songs. There are examples of rhythmic improv games to build teamwork and basic rhythmic knowledge. Use of popular music is also important to gain student buy in.  I use John Mayer’s “Say” with repetitive chord pattern for students to identify where those chord changes are.  For musical pictures students will both paint what they hear and make music to what they see.  
I’m a huge fan of the late great basketball coach John Wooden because of the excellence and caring that he was able to inspire in his team.  Many of the greatest artists rose in groups.  I believe that it’s important for the class to be a place where students can inspire and push each other to be better in a positive way.  Using John Wooden’s outstanding example of building life skills and camaraderie I have included a virtue along with each lesson. This book is a sample lesson plan book for Azusa Pacific University’s EDUC 526 class and is best viewed in the horizontal format.  If you have any questions please email me at

By Erica Jones

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