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Cool Blues Guitar Licks From Blues Boy 2 Download

Cool Blues Guitar Licks From Blues Boy 2 is your complete guide to learning blues guitar licks in the style of B.B. King. If you’ve ever wanted to play like B.B. King, this is the book for you. This book presents 44 cool blues licks and 5 essential solos arranged for post-beginners to intermediate guitar players. The accompanying audio includes 90 tracks for demonstration and play-along. All examples are presented in both notation and tablature form. Explore the blues guitar style and technique of B.B. King. 

There are several chapters : ● Minor Pentatonic Scale Pattern II ● Using the Major 3rd ● Using Other Notes ● The B.B. King Box ● Special Licks Part I ● Special Licks Part II ● Using All Patterns

By Seung Hun Ju

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