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Blues Unlimited: The Complete Radio Show Transcripts, Volume 1 Download

For nearly a decade, Blues Unlimited Radio has been delighting, entertaining, and engaging listeners each and every week with its unique blend of legendary performers, rare vinyl, beloved standards, and crazy good music. Listeners often say that there’s no radio show out there quite like it.

Blues Unlimited is more than “just” a radio show, however. Our tightly focused themes continually draw in listeners from every corner of the globe, by digging into little known histories, captivating stories, and forgotten blues heroes of the past.

Blues Unlimited Radio started as a dream more than 35 years ago, and is the brainchild of ethnomusicologist, historian, author, and independent radio producer Steve Franz (“The Amazing Secret History of Elmore James”). “Blues Unlimited: The Complete Radio Show Transcripts” gathers together for the first time the complete written scripts of this critically acclaimed program. The first of three installments, Volume 1 covers episodes #140 through #204, and contains complete discographical details on every song from each episode as well.

Named in honor of the groundbreaking British periodical, launched by Simon Napier and Mike Leadbitter in 1963, “Blues Unlimited: The Complete Radio Show Transcripts” is designed to be an important resource for fans, students, aficionados, authors, musicians, researchers, blues lovers, and scholars — or those who simply want to follow along as they listen to the program — as we celebrate and explore one of the great American musical art forms.

By Steve Franz

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