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Beginner Guitar – Progressive Lessons Enhanced with Video Download

Learn to play guitar today! Fast-track your progress with this best-selling method and understand all basic aspects of playing the guitar. Anyone can learn from this book as no previous musical knowledge is required.

Featuring easy-to-read guitar tab and traditional notation, this modern illustrated method contains over 50 exercises including well-known pop, rock, folk and blues guitar songs. Detailing the correct posture, hand positions and fingering techniques for all guitar notes, it is packed with plenty of tips, shortcuts and tricks for reading and playing any music notation, including free guitar sheet music.

This enhanced edition contains over 260 video lessons and audio examples, featuring full-page scores, live video footage and score animations of all exercises. The audio examples include solo and band audio versions in order to hear each part by itself, or experience playing in a band.

Starting with the basics of how to hold and tune the guitar, it covers all notes in open position using great sounding examples, as well as rhythm guitar chords and strumming patterns. Explore musical concepts including note values, rests, sharps, flats, time signatures, key signatures, the chromatic scale and a chart of over 80 different chords.

An exciting, comprehensive and highly-regarded lesson plan on how to play the guitar, this method is a favorite with students and teachers worldwide.


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