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Audition Playbook Download

The Audition Playbook is a guide and workbook for optimal planning and preparation of orchestral auditions. Written by Rachelle Jenkins; Foreword by Dr. Don Greene.

Just as every great athlete needs a strong plan for each game or competition, musicians need strong, well-executed plans for each audition. Whatever you set out to achieve, the Audition Playbook provides the framework upon which you can effectively and carefully create, implement, and follow your own plan from start to finish. 

This is in no way a “one-size-fits-all” type of system and it does not endeavor to plan out your audition for you. Think of the Audition Playbook simply as a tool with which you create your own plan, while receiving some possibly new ideas along the way. There are no rules or requirements to the Audition Playbook other than to have a plan, write down your plan, stick with it, and adjust accordingly! 

Whether you’re already a regular on the audition trail, a first-timer, or an already-established professional looking to audition elsewhere, the Audition Playbook is for you. You may choose to follow the guidelines as much or little as you wish, while still utilizing the structure of the workbook to create and follow your plan. 

***Important note about the iBooks edition***

This version is best viewed on an iPad. As the Audition Playbook is both a guide and workbook, you can best utilize the book’s resources with an Apple Pencil or stylus to write throughout the workbook. If you are more of a “pen and paper” person, you are encouraged to use the iBooks version as a guide to creating your own personal Playbook in whichever manner you decide. Break out your favorite notebook, create online spreadsheets, or line your practice room with whiteboards… whatever works! Just write everything down! 

Please note that the iBooks version has been published in the original landscape orientation of the hard copy edition in order to preserve the integrity and placement of many of the various charts and diagrams.

By Rachelle Jenkins

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